Living With Lichen Sclerosis

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lichen sclerosis

Living With Lichen Sclerosis

I had a question the other day about lichen sclerosis.

Lichen sclerosis is an uncommon condition creating patchy, white skin which is thinner than normal.

Lichen sclerosis may affect skin on any part of your body, but most often involves skin of the vulva, foreskin of the penis or skin around your anus.

Anyone can get lichen sclerosis, but postmenopausal women are at highest risk.

Left untreated, lichen sclerosis may lead to other complications.

Lichen sclerosis can affect the skin on any part of your body.

Sometimes, no symptoms are present.

When they do occur, lichen sclerosis symptoms may include:

>Itching, which can be severe

>Discomfort, which is generally greater if lichen sclerosis appears on or around your genital or anal areas

>Smooth white spots on your skin which may grow into blotchy, wrinkled patches

>Easy bruising or tearing

>In severe cases, bleeding, blistering or ulcerated lesions

>Painful intercourse

The exact cause of lichen sclerosis isn’t known.

However, the condition may be related to a lack of sex hormones in the affected skin or to an overactive immune system.

Previous skin damage at a particular site on your skin may increase the likelihood of lichen sclerosis occurring there.

Although lichen sclerosis may involve skin around your genitals, it isn’t contagious and can’t spread through sexual intercourse.

Lichen sclerosis occurs most often in postmenopausal women, but it also occurs in men and children.

In women, lichen sclerosis usually involves the vulva.

In boys and men, uncircumcised males are most at risk, because it generally affects the foreskin.

In children, the signs and symptoms may improve at puberty.

Persistent lichen sclerosis in one location may slightly increase your risk of skin cancer, although this hasn’t yet been definitively proved.

For this reason, make sure you have follow-up examinations every 6-12 months.

Severe lichen sclerosis can make sex extremely painful for women because itching and scarring may narrow the vaginal opening.

In addition, blistering may create extremely sensitive skin to the point that any pressure on the area is unbearable.

Lichen sclerosis may rarely cause similar complications in uncircumcised men, because it causes tightening and thinning of the foreskin.

This can cause problems during an erection or when urinating.

To deal with lichen sclerosis it’s beneficial to:

*Drink 6-8 cups of purified water daily as it hydrates body and brain cells, thins mucus, and flushes toxins.

*Increase Omega3/omega6 essential fats.

*Keep a balanced pH.

*Use Enfuselle and/or ShakleeBaby skin care products.

*Tea Tree Oil is an antibacterial topical treatment.

*Epsom salts baths may be beneficial/soothing.

*Consider liver and/or colon cleanses, fasting, and/or juicing.

*Review my post on candida.

*Consider aloe vera (gel from inside fresh leaves is best).

*Eliminate toxic personal care, laundry and cleaning products.

*Eliminate personal care products that upset skin’s natural pH.

*Quit smoking.

*Decrease excessive sun exposure.

*Decrease exposure to chlorinated shower/bath water, pools and hot tubs.

*Improve your digestion and elimination processes.

*Discover allergies/sensitivities (food and/or environmental) that may trigger or aggravate condition.

*Eliminate free radical damage.


It’s essential to use:  VitaLea, Protein, GLA, OmegaGuard, Lecithin, Optiflora, DTX, Herb-Lax, Zinc.

It’s important to use:  AlfalfaVitamin C, Vitamin D, B-Complex, CarotoMax and/or FlavoMax.

It’s beneficial to use:  NutriFeron, VitalMag, Enfuselle skin care line.

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PS:  If you have any questions about lichen sclerosis, and would like to know how supplements can help, give us a call at 715-431-0657.  We’re here to help.


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  • Jada

    Reply Reply May 16, 2018

    So I’m 19 and I’ve lived with it since I was 5 and never said anything or told anyone simply because I thought it might be normal so until today I finally figured out what I have and I have showed symptoms but I ignored them . Don’t be ashamed go to the doctor and let someone know …it’s rare but it still comes up and can cause serious problems

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