Are You Ready To Get Well?

   Now that you understand why we get sick, let’s learn how to get well, stay well, and optimize our wellness.  What is your wellness goal?  It may be to stay as is; it could be to regain your former health; or you may want to shoot for better and higher levels of wellness.  Now is the time to decide!  Wellness is possible and achievable when you decide to assume responsibility and take action toward your goal.  There is a process to follow that I am going to share with you.

First, we need to understand the definition of “process”.  According to Webster, process is a natural phenomenon marked by gradual changes that lead to a particular result.  For our purpose, the result we expect is wellness.  From this definition, there are two key elements to help us understand the healing or wellness process.

The first element is natural.  This means we must expect some response when we introduce quality, natural nutrients to the body.  These are health responses and should be welcomed as good signs, meaning the body is responding appropriately.  During these times allow the body to express itself without interference from medications or drugs unless absolutely necessary or advised by your physician.  Increase water intake to flush out more toxins.  Help your body eliminate toxins as quickly as possible with the use of herbal cleansers and liver aids.  If detoxification symptoms become intolerable or severe, temporarily discontinue the program and resume again after a period of rest and recuperation.

The second element is time.  Nature takes time to heal.  Healing occurs as a gradual, but progressive process, so be patient and consistent.  Have faith in your body’s ability to heal itself!  Also, understand there will be cycles of cleansing, detoxification, and recovery throughout the process.  The duration and frequency of this process will vary from one person to another.  Generally, the closer and more constantly you adhere to the program, the sooner health can be regained, improved, and maintained.  Healing requires consistent effort and self-discipline.  Be honest and true to yourself and your purpose!  You deserve to be well and happy!

The healing process is a positive experience whereby the body regains control and restores balance in its various systems.  The result is renewed health, vigor, and vitality.

There are three steps or phases to the Shaklee Wellness Process.

Step One:  Preparation, cleansing, and detoxification

Step Two:  Rebuilding and strengthening the foundation

Step Three:  Protection and prevention

Before we begin, I would like you to know that this Wellness Process was developed by a pediatrician, Linda Rodriguez, M.D., and has been used with children, their families, and others with great success since 1982.  I use, and recommend, mainly Shaklee food and herbal supplements because very simply, they achieve results!  They are scientifically sound and clinically proven safe, bioavailable, and effective.  Shaklee food supplements and herbs have dramatically improved my health and the health of those I have worked with.  Why would I use another product?  Why would I deny my readers the knowledge of superior products, the experience of quality nutrition, and the joy of outstanding health benefits?

Tomorrow we will begin our wellness process!

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