Choosing a Supplement Brand

   As someone who follows a holistic nutrition approach, I try to educate, support and guide people through the confusing world of nutrition and holistic health.  When I feel a nutritional supplement is required to support an issue, I recommend products that are pure, potent, safe, in harmony with nature and scientifically proven to do the job.  I don’t believe in wasting time, effort or money on ineffective products.  I also believe strongly in products that do no harm and follow the laws of mother nature.

After lots of study, research, and using many different products I have decided there in only one company I can put my complete faith and trust in to supply nutritional, personal care and household cleaning products.  And it’s important for me to be able to recommend products that can be easily and conveniently accessed by anyone, no matter where they live.  This makes my job easier knowing people can actually find and purchase the exact products I recommend.

I also believe people are looking for guidance through the confusing world of supplementation and would appreciate connecting to a company they can trust.  My strong belief in the integrity of the company and the superior quality of their nature- and science-based products has led me to choose Shaklee as my company of choice.  Over the next couple of days we will talk about why I feel so strongly about this company.

More of us are looking for effective natural health products.

Nutritional supplements are very popular with about half of us now taking some type of product.  More of us are taking an increased interest in achieving and maintaining optimal health, especially as we age.  More of us are becoming aware of the sad state of our food supply (highly processed), modern agricultural and farming techniques, soil quality, genetically modified crops, and water and air quality.  More of us are becoming aware of the negative effects from toxic ingredients in cleaning and laundry products, personal care products, cosmetics, and household items.  More of us are unhappy with the current state of the medical system, or the less than effective health support we often receive from it.  More of us are unhappy with the drug approach to health care.  More of us are obese.  More of us are fatigued, stressed, depressed, and anxious.  More of us have chronic health challenges.  More of us are being affected by major health challenges like asthma, diabetes, heart disease or cancer.  And worse, many of these issues are occurring at younger ages.

What’s going on?  Why is this?  We are in the greatest age of advancements in science, research, technology and knowledge.  Yet our overall health is declining.  As we become more educated and more disillusioned we are looking for more natural approaches to support our body.  Supplementing our diet with nutritional and/or herbal products is one approach.

Why might someone want to take a nutritional supplement?

*Supplement a less than optimal diet and/or lifestyle

*Help offset negative effects of more toxins and less food nutrient value

*Maximize personal levels of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and amino acids

*Support optimal health by providing optimal nutrient levels

*Support the body while dealing with a particular health concern

*Address health concerns through more natural means

*Practice integrative health care:  integrate nutritional or herbal support with allopathic care

*Support the aging process

*Support athletic endeavors

*Address or support weight management issues

*Practice preventive health care

Tomorrow we’ll talk about where to start.

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