Landmark Study

Everyone – scientists, doctors, health practitioners, the general public – wants to know. . .

1.  Is there any true biological benefit in the long-term use of daily nutritional supplements?

2.  Are supplements a safe way to receive nutrients?  Are there any negative consequences of long-term dietary supplement use?

3.  Does it make any difference which supplements you use?

No scientific study had ever been done to provide an answer either way before!

To discover scientifically valid answers a research study needs:

1.  A sample population of long-term multiple supplement users who

*have consumed multiple supplements for 20+ years

*have continued using the same brand through these 20 years

*are all using the same brand as each other through these 20 years

2.  Comparison groups

3.  A third-party, expert, scientific research team to control the study, collect data, analyze findings and prepare reports.

Does such a sample population even exist?

There is only one group that could fulfill the above requirements.  A large group of people devoted to the Shaklee brand for its integrity, effectiveness, value and science.  This is virtually unheard of anywhere else in the history of the dietary supplement industry.

But what if . . . ?

This would be a very risky undertaking for Shaklee.  What if the answers came back that there was no benefit, or worse, there were safety issues involved with long term supplement use?

Shaklee wanted definitive answers.  With confidence in the:

*core belief of the company, “Living in Harmony with Nature”

*Over 50 year company history

*millions of dollars of scientific research, technology and testing that goes into every product

*knowledge, experience, ingenuity, integrity, desire, devotion and expertise of the company’s extensive world-class science team

*outstanding overall health and well-being of thousands of long-time Shaklee product users

Shaklee Corporation decided to put their products to the test in the first ever “Landmark Study”.

Why the name “Landmark Study”?

This is a first of its kind (landmark) study.  No other company, product, agency, or scientist has ever conducted such a study in the history of the nutritional supplement industry.  No natural nutritional company has ever had the confidence, or courage, to expose themselves to such rigorous scientific analysis and scrutiny.

Who conducted the research project?  Who funded the study?

Shaklee Corporation funded the study, BUT Shaklee wanted a thorough, unbiased, third-party, expert analysis done by the best in the scientific world of nutritional studies.  An internationally renowned nutrition researcher and professor at U.C. Berkeley School of Public Health was contracted to do the job.  Her team conducted a clinical trial and maintained complete control of the entire study, including all blood analysis, data collection, scientific controls, statistical analysis, reporting, paper-writing, peer-review processes, and final publication of all results, good and bad.

What does “peer-reviewed” mean?

Within the scientific community there are different types of studies and publications.   The ultimate is a peer-reviewed study.  Simply put, this is a process in which other scientists who were not involved in the study get to pick it apart.  They review all aspects of the study looking for flaws, errors or discrepancies and they verify the findings are accurate.

Who was analyzed?

1.  Group A:  a random selection of 300 qualified users of multiple Shaklee supplements for 20 years or more

2.  Group B:  data on those who used a daily multivitamin/mineral product, brand unknown

3.  Group C:  data on those who used no daily nutritional supplements

A note about the average age of those studied:

*Group A (Shaklee):  ranged in age from their 40s to 80s with an average age of just over 63

*Group B (single supplement):  average age of 57

*Group C (no supplement):  average age of 54

NOTE:  The average age of the Shaklee group was older than the others.

We’ll talk about the results of the study tomorrow.

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