Let’s Begin Our Wellness Process

Sorry for the break in posts.  I just returned from the No Excuses Summit in Las Vegas where I learned a lot of great stuff!  Look for some improvements in the coming weeks!  Anyway, back to beginning our wellness process:

STEP ONE:  Preparation, cleansing and detoxification

This first step is critical for the success of the healing process.  Its main goal is to cleanse and detoxify.  This prepares and restores the digestive tract for healthy digestion and absorption of nutrients.  Without a healthy digestive tract, we cannot achieve good nutrition.  A very essential step in this process is the restoration of balance of the gut microflora.  The goal here is to achieve a balance between the good bacteria and the undesirable microorganisms in the intestines.

I recommend using Herb-Lax at the beginning of the program together with large amounts of purified water and fiber.  This will significantly reduce any possible detoxification symptoms during the cleansing phase.  Now is when a change in your diet should be made.  Your daily diet during this phase should avoid all white sugars, white flour, cow’s milk and milk products, processed meats, foods processed with artificial ingredients, preservatives or additives, and excess sugars, fats, and salts.  Basically, it is a “caveman’s diet”.

Eat wholesome organic foods or foods as close to nature as possible.  Your taste buds will recover quickly.  You will be amazed at how delicious real food tastes, once your taste buds have recovered from the chemical assaults in food.

Generally, this step should take 7 to 10 days.  Some, especially those with chronic and severe toxicity problems, may require a longer cleansing period.  This must be assessed individually.  Here is what to take during the cleansing period:

Herb-Lax:  Two to four tablets at bedtime

Fiber Plan Tablets:  Five tablets per meal

Water:  Eight or more 8-ounce glasses per day

Alfalfa:  Five tablets before each meal

Garlic:  One tablet before each meal

DTX:  One tablet with meals

Optiflora:  One capsule and one teaspoon probiotic powder taken together once a day

During the cleansing and detoxification phase, the body moves its energy to the internal organs and reduces blood supply to muscles, skin, and joints.  Toxins are mobilized from tissues to the blood stream and finally exit the body.  Both mind and body are affected by these processes.  Some common signs of detoxification include headache, weakness, sleepiness, depression, joint and muscle aches, fever, colds or illness, cold sores, skin breakouts, bowel and bladder disturbances, decreased appetite, nervousness, irritability, and emotional sensitivity.  Obviously, not everyone has all of these symptoms.  This is just a complete list for your awareness.

Adequate rest, sleep, and relaxation will be very helpful during this phase.  This is not the time for strenuous exercise or increased physical activities.  Every once in a while the “detox” symptoms may be severe and intolerable.  If that happens, discontinue the process temporarily until you are ready to begin again.  It may also be necessary to cut back on the recommended amounts listed above.  Review the diet carefully.  Adhere closely to instructions.  Seek support from family and friends.

Tomorrow we will talk about step 2, which is rebuilding and strengthening your foundation.

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