Let’s Get Healthy!


Health has been defined by the Greek philosopher Alcmaeon as the “balance of forces”.  For instance, a heart beating too slowly can be as detrimental as one beating too fast.  A tip of the balance in either direction leads to disharmony and dysfunction, and eventually to “disease” with the passage of time.  Shouldn’t we aim for balanced health called wellness?

Wellness is wholeness, a total balance of body, mind, and spirit as we interact with our environment, the people, places, and things around us.  It is about staying fit, staying well, and living a quality life of purpose and significance.

Every human body is made up of cells – the basic units of life.  There are approximately 64 trillion cells in the average human body.  Individually, every cell makes a product essential for life, such as hormones or enzymes.  Collectively cells work to make tissues, organs, and organ systems, which make up the human body.  From the union of two cells (egg and sperm) a single cell miraculously divides continuously to form a fully developed human baby in just a matter of 40 weeks!

When all cells, tissues, and organs work together in harmony with one another, the body functions well and exhibits good health.  To maintain and preserve a beautiful, energetic, vibrant, strong body, the cells depend on a guaranteed supply of essential nutrients on a regular basis 24 hours a day!  Please realize that from the time of creation these cells were “programmed” to express life and longevity.  Cells are constantly at work to manufacture products that are essential for growth and the maintenance of good health.  Our amazing cells work nonstop without rest or sleep to continuously provide the human body what it needs to stay alive.

 To function properly, these cells need a constant and generous supply of nutrients.  Imagine the heart beating 86,400 times in 24 hours nonstop!  When cells are starved, they weaken and die.  As cells begin to suffer from lack of nutrients, the body first tries to feed and rescue starving cells by “borrowing” from the body’s reserves stored in muscles, bones, and fat.  The long-term consequences can be disastrous and may result in these vital organs failing, with disease and death inevitable.

Recognize and appreciate that all humans are empowered for wellness.

We are all blessed with three valuable gifts:

1.  A miraculous healing body –  Every cell has the incredible power to heal itself.  When we provide our cells what they need, our body will serve us well.

 2.  Gift of knowledge –  When adhered to, the natural laws help us achieve balance and wellness.

 3.  The power of choice –  The choices we make today determine our future tomorrow.  In the area of wellness, we can choose to be well or to be ill and miserable.  The choice and responsibility are ours, nobody else’s!

 There are five areas that we must continually develop on a daily basis to keep us healthy:

 ·         Our attitude and the choices we make

·         The food and drinks we consume (nutrition)

·         The activities that we do (physical fitness and exercise)

·         The environment that we live in (environmental responsibility)

·         Our relationships with others (our living and thinking habits)

All these areas have a significant impact on our total health.  We will explore all of these areas when we discuss why we get sick in the next post.  If we know from our hearts the answers to these questions, the other areas in our pursuit for wellness will be crystal clear and the process simple to follow.

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