Living With Anorexia

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Living With Anorexia

I had a question the other day about anorexia.

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder.

People who have anorexia have an intense fear of gaining weight.

They severely limit the amount of food they eat and can become dangerously thin.

Anorexia affects both the body and the mind.

It may start as dieting, but it gets out of control.

You think about food, dieting, and weight all the time.

You have a distorted body image.

Other people say you’re too thin, but when you look in the mirror, you see a fat person.

Anorexia usually starts in your teens.

It’s much more common in females than males.

If not treated early, anorexia can become a lifelong problem.

Untreated anorexia can lead to starvation and serious health problems, like bone thinning, kidney damage, and heart problems.

Some people die from these problems.

If you or someone you know has anorexia, get help right away.

The longer this problem goes on, the harder it is to overcome.

With treatment, a person with anorexia can feel better and stay at a healthy weight.

Eating disorders may be due to a mix of family history, social factors, and personality traits.

You may be more likely to have anorexia if:

>Other people in your family have an eating disorder.

>You have a job or do a sport that stresses body size, like ballet, modeling, or gymnastics.

>You’re the type of person who tries to be perfect all the time, never feels good enough, or worries a lot.

>You’re dealing with stressful life events, like divorce, moving to a new town or school, or losing a loved one.

People who have anorexia often strongly deny they have a problem.

It’s usually up to their loved ones to get help for them.

If you’re worried about someone, you can look for certain signs:

>They weigh much less than is healthy or normal.

>Are very afraid of gaining weight.

>Refuse to stay at a normal weight.

>Think they’re overweight even when they’re very thin.

>Their lives become focused on controlling their weight.

>They obsess about food, weight, and dieting.

>They strictly limit how much they eat.

>They exercise a lot, even when they’re sick.

>They vomit or use laxatives or water pills to avoid weight gain.

People who have anorexia need treatment.

Even if you, your child, or someone else you care about has only a couple signs of an eating disorder, get help now.

Early treatment gives the best chance of overcoming anorexia.

Treatment can help you get back to and stay at a healthy weight.

Anorexia can take a long time to overcome, and it’s common to fall back into unhealthy habits.

If you’re having problems, don’t try to handle them on your own.

Get help now.

To deal with anorexia it’s beneficial to:

*Drink 6-8 cups of purified water.

*Increase exercise, deep breathing, relaxation techniques.

*Consider a liver and/or colon cleanse.

*Address underlying emotional issues/connections.

*Consider energy medicine techniques.

*Eliminate “lifeless”, processed, instant, sugar-added, chemical-laden, hydrogenated and junk foods.

*Eliminate white flour products, high carb diet, sweets, and sugars.

*Investigate possible triggers/sensitivities (environmental and/or food).

*Eliminate toxic exposures of all kinds through food, environment, fragrances, personal care, laundry or cleaning products.

*Eat smaller meals/snacks more often and try to include some protein with each snack/meal.

If you’re dealing with anorexia, try these (100% money-back guarantee):

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