Living With MEN1

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Living With MEN1

I had a question the other day about MEN1.

Multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 (MEN1) is a rare disorder causing tumors in your endocrine glands and parts of the small intestine and stomach.

In MEN 1, the endocrine glands (usually the parathyroids, pancreas and pituitary) grow tumors and release excessive amounts of hormones which can lead to disease.

However, the tumors are usually noncancerous.

The excess hormones can cause a wide variety of signs and symptoms, like tiredness, bone pain, fractures and kidney stones, as well as stomach or intestinal ulcers.

Although MEN1 can’t be cured, regular testing can find problems so treatment can be given.

MEN1 is an inherited disorder, meaning people who have the gene mutation can pass it on to their children.

Each child has a 50% chance of inheriting the disorder.

Home treatment focuses on maintaining a healthy endocrine system.

To deal with MEN1 it’s beneficial to:

*Drink 6-8 cups of purified water daily.

*Black radish extract, licorice root, mullein, and red clover, taken in tea form, help strengthen and rebuild the liver, and restore glandular balance (don’t use licorice root if you’re pregnant or nursing, have diabetes, glaucoma, heart disease, high blood pressure, or a history of stroke).

*Burdock root and red clover help in cleansing your lymphatic glands and ridding your body of toxins.

*Cedar stimulates pancreatic function.

*Gentian contains elements known to normalize the functions of the thyroid gland.

*Parsley helps maintain glandular balance.

*Increase your exercise, relaxation techniques, etc.

*Increase essential fats (flax oil, olive oil, Omega-3 oils).

*Increase fresh, raw fruits and veggies; consider fresh juicing.

*Consider a liver and/or colon cleanse.

*Consider acupuncture, energy medicine techniques, hydrotherapy, etc.

*Have a chiropractic assessment.

*Eliminate toxic exposures, both food and environment.

*Eliminate any and all hydrogenated, trans fats, deep-fried foods, margarine, and fast foods.

*Eliminate sugar, sweets, white flour products, and processed foods.

*Avoid dairy products.

*Avoid tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, soda pop.

*Maintain a healthy weight.

*Understand your medications and possible side effects.

*If you follow a vegetarian lifestyle or low caloric intake, it is essential to ensure proper intake of protein, B vitamins and essential fats.

*Add Performance for essential electrolytes.

If you’re dealing with MEN1, try these (100% money-back guarantee):

It’s essential to use:  Vita-Lea, ProteinStress Relief Complex, B-ComplexVitamin C, Zinc, LecithinNutriFeron, Vitamin D.

It’s important to use:  Vitamin ECalcium/Magnesium, DTX, Herb-Lax, Optiflora, Alfalfa, Vivix, 180 Energy Tea.

It’s beneficial to use:   VitalMag, CoQHeart, GLA, Glucose Regulation Complex, Gentle Sleep Complex.

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