Living With Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus

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Living With Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus

I had a question the other day about normal pressure hydrocephalus.

Your brain and spinal cord are surrounded by a clear fluid called cerebrospinal fluid (CSF).

This fluid is made and stored in the ventricles of your brain.

It circulates around your brain.

The fluid cushions and protects your brain and spinal cord, supplies nutrients, and removes waste products.

Any excess fluid drains away from your brain and is absorbed by veins at the top of your brain.

Hydrocephalus is a condition where there’s too much CSF in your ventricles.

This happens when your natural drainage system doesn’t work right.

The ventricles enlarge to accommodate the extra fluid and then press on different parts of your brain, causing symptoms.

Normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH) is a type of hydrocephalus usually occurring in older adults.

The average age of a person with NPH is over 60.

NPH is different because it develops slowly over time.

The drainage of CSF is blocked gradually, and the excess fluid builds up slowly.

The enlarged ventricles still press on your brain and cause symptoms.

The parts of your brain most often affected in NPH are those controlling your legs, your bladder, and your mental processes like memory, reasoning, problem solving, and speaking.

The mental symptoms of NPH can be similar to those of Alzheimer’s disease.

The walking problems are similar to those of Parkinson’s disease.

Many cases of NPH are misdiagnosed as one of these diseases.

The good news is, unlike Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, NPH can be reversed in many people with appropriate treatment.

Normal pressure hydrocephalus can happen after a head injury, bleeding around your brain (due to a blow to your head), stroke, meningitis, or brain tumor.

How these conditions lead to NPH isn’t clear.

In most cases, the cause of NPH is never known.

To deal with normal pressure hydrocephalus it’s beneficial to:

*Drink 6-8 cups of purified water daily hydrates body and brain cells and flushes toxins (whether thirsty or not!).

*Brahmi, an Ayurvedic herb, increases circulation in your brain and has been found to improve both short- and long-term memory.

*Garlic has been found to possess memory-enhancing properties.

*Ginkgo biloba has the ability to increase blood flow to your brain and central nervous system.  (Don’t take if you have a bleeding disorder, or are scheduled for surgery or a dental procedure.)

*Other helpful herbs include anise, gotu kola, and rosemary.

*Eat a diet high in raw f0ods.  Consume the following often:  brown rice, farm eggs, fish, legumes, millet, nuts, soybeans, tofu, wheat germ, and whole grains.

*Combine complex carbohydrates with foods containing 10% protein and 10% essential fats (flax oil, olive oil, Omega-3 oils).

*Avoid dairy and wheat products (except for wheat germ) for one month.  If there’s no memory improvement, slowly add these foods back to your diet.

*Eat more blueberries and spinach.

*Avoid refined sugars – these “turn off” the brain.

*Consider hair analysis to determine heavy metal toxicity.

*Maintain exercise regimen and relaxation techniques.

*Keep brain active; engage in mental activities.

*Increase oxygen; deep breathing exercises, yoga, etc.

*Consider orthomolecular (high dose vitamin) treatment under guidance of qualified practitioner.

*Consider energy medicine, mind/body/spirit techniques.

*Decrease any and all toxic exposures as they can harm brain cells and function.

*Decrease toxic cleaning, laundry and personal care products.

*Decrease indoor and outdoor environmental pollutants/sensitivities.

*Decrease toxins/heavy metals exposure (workplace, hobbies, etc.); avoid aluminum-containing items.

*Decrease hydrogenated and/or trans fat containing products.

*Decrease “lifeless” processed, instant, fast, junk, packaged foods.

*Decrease chemical additives, preservatives, pesticides in foods.

*Avoid MSG and all artificial sweeteners as they’re neurotoxins.

*Avoid alcohol, caffeine, nicotine.

*Consider effects of metal dental amalgams and other dental work; consult a holistic dentist.

*Research effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF); cell phones, computers, wireless devices, etc.

If you’re dealing with normal pressure hydrocephalus, try these (100% money-back guarantee):

It’s essential to use:  VitaLea, Protein, B-Complex, Lecithin, OmegaGuard, CoQHeart, Mental AcuityVitamin D, Vivix.

It’s important to use:  DTX, Optiflora, Alfalfa, CorEnergy, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, CarotoMax, FlavoMax.

It’s beneficial to use:  Herb-Lax, Fiber, Zinc, VitalMag, NutriFeron, MoodLift, 180 Energy Tea.

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PS:  If you have any questions about normal pressure hydrocephalus, and would like to know how supplements can help, give us a call at 715-431-0657.  We’re here to help.


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