Living With Oily Skin

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Living With Oily Skin

I had a question the other day about oily skin.

Oily skin happens when your sebaceous (oil-secreting) glands make more oil than needed for proper lubrication of your skin.

This excess oil can clog pores and cause blemishes.

Oily skin is probably largely a matter of heredity, but it can be affected by things like diet, hormone levels, pregnancy, birth control pills, and the cosmetics you use.

Humidity and hot weather both stimulate your sebaceous glands to make more oil.

Because skin tends to become drier with age, and because of hormonal shifts of adolescence, oily skin is common in teenagers, but it can happen at any age.

Many people have skin that’s oily only in certain areas and dry or normal in others, which is known as combination skin.

In general, your forehead, nose, chin, and upper back tend to be oilier than other areas.

Oily skin has its positive aspects.

It’s slow to develop age spots and discoloration, fine lines, and wrinkles.

It often doesn’t freckle or turn red in the sun – on the contrary, it tans evenly and beautifully.

On the negative side, oily skin is prone to “breakouts” well past adolescence and has a chronically shiny appearance, an oily or greasy feeling, and enlarged pores.

To deal with oily skin it’s beneficial to:

*Drink 6-8 cups of purified water daily as it hydrates body and brain cells and flushes toxins.

*Aloe vera has excellent healing properties.  Apply aloe vera gel topically, as directed, on product label or as needed.

*Burdock root, oat straw, and thyme nourish your skin.

*Lavender is very good for oily skin.  Mist your skin with lavender water several times daily.

*Witch hazel applied to your skin is excellent for absorbing oil.

*Reduce the amount of fat in your diet.  Eat no fried foods, animal fats, or heat-processed vegetable oils, like those sold in supermarkets.  Don’t cook with oil, and don’t eat any oils subjected to heat, whether in processing or cooking.  If a little oil is necessary, like in salad dressing, use cold-pressed olive oil only.

*Don’t drink soft drinks or alcoholic beverages.  Avoid sugar, chocolate, and junk food.

*Keep your skin very clean.  Wash your face 2-3 times in the course of a day – but no more, because too much washing will stimulate your skin to make more oil.  Use your hands instead of harsh scrubs or washcloths.  Sterile gauze pads are also good for cleaning your skin.  Don’t use harsh soaps or cleansers.  Use a pure soap with no artificial additives.  Don’t use cleansers or lotions containing alcohol.  After cleansing, apply a natural oil-free moisturizer to keep your skin supple.

*Use hot water when washing your face.  Hot water dissolves skin oil better than lukewarm or cold water.

*Try using a clay or mud mask.  White or rose-colored clays are best for sensitive skin.

*Choose cosmetic and facial care products specifically designed for oily skin.

*Products containing benzoyl peroxide are effective for oily skin.  Start with a mild-strength formula to minimize possible irritation.

*Choose an astringent containing acetone, which is known for dissolving oil.

*Two or three times a week, use a loofah sponge and warm water for your face to boost circulation, remove dead skin cells, and remove many of the impurities found in oily skin.  Avoid using the loofah around your eyes, and don’t use it on areas with open sores.

*Once or twice daily, mix equal parts of lemon juice and water.  Pat the mixture on your face and allow it to dry, then rinse with warm water.  Follow with a cool-water rinse.

*For combination skin, simply treat the oily areas as oily skin and the dry areas as dry skin.

*Don’t smoke.  Smoking promotes enlargement of the pores and impairs the overall health of your skin.

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