Living With Poor Night Vision

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Living With Poor Night Vision

I had a question the other day about poor night vision.

Millions of people have problems with night vision.

Poor night vision is often an early sign of cataracts.

Problems with night vision may be treatable or could be a sign of a congenital problem like retinitis pigmentosa or other more serious conditions.

Difficulty with night vision can develop from a variety of conditions.


The lens of your eye is located behind your pupil.

Over your life, the process of cell turnover inside your lens produces debris that gradually builds up.

This creates a cataract.

Cataracts slowly cloud your lens.

Often the first symptom of a cataract is decreased night vision.

The light distortion caused by cataracts also frequently produces halos around lights.

Vitamin A deficiency.

Vitamin A is an essential vitamin found in carrots and yellow or green leafy vegetables.

It helps keep your retina healthy.

Zinc deficiency.

Zinc works in your eye as a partner to vitamin A.

Without zinc, the vitamin A in your body may not be as effective, and night blindness could result.

Retinitis pigmentosa.

Retinitis pigmentosa is an uncommon genetic disorder.

It affects young people, usually before age 30.

Worsening night vision is often the earliest symptom.

Sunlight exposure.

If your night vision seems temporarily worse after a trip to the beach, it probably is.

Sustained bright sunlight can impair night vision for up to 2 days.

Wear your sunglasses regularly to avoid this cause of poor night vision.

LASIK surgery problems.

Complications after LASIK surgery are uncommon.

However, a rare person will experience night vision problems after LASIK.

The most common complaint is distorted vision in the form of glare and halos around objects.

Some people are more prone to developing night vision problems after LASIK.

Those who are can be identified before surgery based on characteristics of their eyes.


People with diabetes are at higher risk for night vision problems.

Over years, high blood sugar is toxic to the blood vessels and nerves in your eyes.

Your retina is gradually damaged (retinopathy).

Two early signs of retinopathy are poor night vision and taking a long time to see normally after coming indoors.

To deal with poor night vision it’s beneficial to:

*Drink 6-8 cups of purified water daily.

*Bayberry bark, cayenne, and red raspberry leaves, taken by mouth, are beneficial.

*Bilberry extract has been shown to improve both normal and night vision.

*Include the following in your diet:  broccoli, raw cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, green vegetables, squash, sunflower seeds, and watercress.

*Drink fresh carrot juice.  This can help to prevent or alleviate some eye problems.

*Eliminate sugar and white flour from your diet.

*If you wear glasses, wear clear glasses that have been treated to keep out ultraviolet rays.

*Never use hair dyes containing coal tar on your eyelashes or eyebrows; doing so can cause injury or blindness.  Although coal tar dyes are legal, marketing them for the eyebrows isn’t.

*Be careful when using drugs, whether prescription or over-the-counter.  Some may cause eye problems.

*The combination of nicotine, sugar, and caffeine may temporarily affect vision.

*Eliminate toxic cosmetics, eye care, and personal care products.

*Eliminate toxic household and laundry cleaners.

*Eliminate poor air quality, which could be irritating.

*Eliminate chlorinated shower/bath water, which could be irritating.

*Avoid free radical damage; check heavy metal toxicity.

*Eliminate smoking.

If you’re dealing with poor night vision, try these (100% money-back guarantee):

It’s essential to use:  Vita-Lea, Protein, CarotoMax, FlavoMax, Vitamin D, Alfalfa, B-Complex, Mental Acuity.

It’s important to use:  Vitamin C, OmegaGuard, GLA, CoQHeart, Zinc, Vivix.

It’s beneficial to use:  Vitamin E, Optiflora, VitalMag.

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