Living With Radiation

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Living With Radiation

I had a question the other day about radiation.

Radiation therapy uses high energy rays, like X-rays, to destroy cancer cells and shrink tumors.

Radiation damages the genetic material of cancer cells, which stops their growth.

Radiation may also damage normal cells that are close to the cancer cells.

But normal cells usually repair themselves, while the cancer cells can’t.

Side effects from radiation therapy are a problem.

Usually the side effects are temporary.

But some side effects may be permanent.

Researchers keep looking for the lowest radiation dose that effectively kills cancer cells.

And with new technology, people getting radiation therapy have fewer problems than in the past.

Radiation therapy may be given in these ways:

>External beam radiation therapy (EBRT).  Radiation comes from a machine outside your body and is aimed at a specific part of your body.  It’s usually given in multiple doses over several weeks.

>Internal radiation therapy.  Radioactive materials are placed into the vagina, prostate, or other areas where cancer cells are found.  Internal radiation therapy is also called brachytherapy.  Radiation for internal use may be sealed inside of needles, seeds, wires, or catheters.

>Systemic radiation therapy.  Radioactive material (like radioactive iodine) is given by mouth or into a vein, so it travels in your blood to tissues throughout your body.

Radiation therapy may be given before surgery to shrink a tumor, like with bladder cancer.

Or it may be given during surgery or while you’re getting chemotherapy.

Or it may be given after other treatment, like after surgery for breast cancer.

Radiation therapy may be given when a person with cancer isn’t well enough for other treatment, like surgery.

Radiation therapy is also used in palliative care for advanced or metastatic cancer.

For example, it can relieve pain by shrinking tumors in your bones.

Recovery depends on the tumor site, the stage and grade of the cancer, and the amount of healthy tissue affected during treatment.

To deal with radiation, it’s beneficial to:

*Drink 6-8 cups of purified water daily to keep hydrated and flush toxins, whether thirsty or not.  Add Performance for electrolytes.

*Increase life-giving, enzyme and nutrient rich fresh, raw fruits and veggies; organic whenever possible; consider juicing.

*Consider increasing dietary intake of brassica family (broccoli, Brussels sprouts, bok choy, kale, etc.)

*Ensure optimal, quality protein intake.

*Balance Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fats.

*Consider including freshly made kefir in your diet.

*Review my posts on digestion and bowel health.

*Avoid constipation.  Ensure at least 2 movements per day to remove wastes and toxins.

*Consider liver, gallbladder and/or colon cleanses.

*Rebalance intestinal microflora; review my post on Candida; this is crucial for immune function.

*Exercise; yoga; deep breathing; oxygenate cells.

*Fresh air, sunlight, spend some time in nature.

*Relaxation techniques; meditation; prayer.

*Research herbs, homeopathy, energy medicine.

*Address any emotional issues; trauma connections.

*Research energy medicine techniques, like EFT.

*Replace cleaners with non-toxic products.

*Consider having iron levels tested.

*Consider hair analysis for heavy metal toxicity.

*Consider hormone level testing.

*Consider monitoring blood tumor markers and immune function markers.

*Consider thermography testing (especially for breasts).

*Consult medical AND complimentary health professionals.

*Do everything possible to strengthen immune system and support ALL cellular function/strength.

*Detoxify, detoxify, detoxify.

*Consider 180 tea for its antioxidant value.

*Remember cancer cells are confused, so keep the faith.

*Investigate all views and alternatives before deciding on any particular treatment.  Decide what best suits your desires, beliefs, lifestyle and situation.


It’s essential to use:  Vita-Lea, Protein, Optiflora, Performance, Vitamin C, B-Complex.

It’s important to use:  NutriFeron, Immunity Formula, Vivix (not during radiation week), OmegaGuard, GLA, Lecithin, any and all nutrient support as desired and/or tolerated.

It’s beneficial to use:  Stress Relief Complex, Pain Relief Complex, Gentle Sleep Complex, Stomach Soothing Complex, 180 Tea.

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PS:  If you have any questions about radiation, and would like to know how supplements can help, give us a call at 715-431-0657.  We’re here to help.


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