More Reasons I Chose My Supplement Company


Shaklee stands behind their products with a 100% guarantee.  The ingredients, purity, safety, and performance of all Nutrition, Healthy Home, and Personal Care products are 100% guaranteed.  If you don’t get the desired results you can return it for a 100% refund.  This guarantee lets you to try the products risk-free.

There are 3 questions most people are concerned with when purchasing a product:

1.  The product:  Does it have all the features I need (quality, safety, purity, efficacy, value)?

2.  Product availability and/or delivery:  Where, when and how can I get this product?

3.  Service and support:  Will I have support if I have any concerns or questions?

Shaklee satisfies all these needs and concerns.  Their money-back quality guarantee, the ease and convenience of ordering/receiving products, and the ongoing support offered make these quality products easily accessible and convenient for anyone.


*Products can be ordered any time of day

*Products can be ordered in person, by phone, email, or internet

*Products are delivered to your door

*Saves time, money, cost and inconvenience of going to the store.

*One stop shopping provides a full line of safe products (nutritional supplements, biodegradable, nontoxic, safe household cleaning and laundry products, nontoxic personal care and hair care products, nontoxic, safe, skin care products, and water purification systems).

Personal service:

Products are sold through knowledgeable, helpful and friendly independent Shaklee distributors.


The Shaklee method of product sales offers anyone who is interested an opportunity to earn rewards on purchases, earn an income with unlimited potential, grow their own business, and be self-employed.

The Best Proof Possible

Very few companies pass the 50-year milestone, and Shaklee is well over that mark.  That says a lot about the company and its products.  There is no other nutritional or natural product company that has roots as far back as the early 1900s.  Thousands of baby boomers were brought up with Shaklee nutritional and household products.

The big question though is:  Is there any scientific proof that the long-term use of nutritional supplements is safe and of any real biological benefit to our health?

Until recently, science had no real proof either way of the answer to this question.  Several obstacles made answering this question virtually impossible:

*Where do you find a group of people who have taken nutritional supplements on a consistent basis for two decades or more?

*Is it possible to find a group who have taken the same product all this time?

*What type of control group could you compare these people to?

*Who would be willing to fund such a study?

*Who would conduct such a study and how could results be scientifically verified?

In the interest of research, science and simply wanting to know, Shaklee decided to put their money where their mouth is and find out.  They had solutions to many of those obstacles.  They had thousands of people who had been devoted users of the same products for decades.  They were not only willing to fund such a study, but they insisted on the study being conducted by an expert third-party research team.  The following needed answering:

*Is the long-term use of quality nutritional supplements safe?

*Are there any negative side-effects of such use?

*Does the use of such supplements provide any real biological benefit and/or make any significant difference to one’s state of health?

*Does the quality of such supplements make any difference or is one product pretty much the same as another?

A world-class research team was contracted to conduct the study.  This third-party expert team maintained complete control of the entire study from beginning to end, including publication of all results – good or bad.  The “Landmark Study” results speak for themselves.

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