Mother Nature’s Best in a Supplement?

vitamins3   Is it possible to get Mother Nature’s best in a supplement?  Yes, but only if . . .

Raw material

*Are whole-food concentrates, meaning ingredients come from real plants with only fiber and water content removed

*Do not contain any genetically-modified crops (very common)

*Are from a pure, clean source containing no pesticides, fertilizers, heavy metals, or contaminants

*Are proven safe and effective

Processing of raw materials

*Only uses natural extraction methods such as low-heat, no-heat, or cold-pressed methods that retain active ingredients and enzyme activity

*No chemical, high-heat or high-pressure processing that destroys active ingredients or enzymes

*Does not include any ingredients like refined sugar, artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, synthetic fillers, binders, coatings

Product safety, purity, stability, integrity and potency are scientifically proven

*Quality, purity and safety testing must be done on all raw materials

*Quality controls and testing must continue through to the final product, on every batch produced

*Look for scientific proof/guarantee that what the label claims is actually in the final product

*Look for scientific proof/guarantee that the ingredients in the final product are still in a potent, active state.  Many products begin in an active state, but through transportation, temperature/humidity fluctuations, ingredient interaction, and time many formulas break down making the active ingredients in the final product useless.

Active ingredients have the highest proven bioavailability.  What does this mean?

*The formula follows the laws of nature making it recognizable and usable by cells

*Nature’s co-factors must be present for absorption and use

*The formula must be in a balanced ratio according to the laws of nature

*The active ingredient(s) must be readily absorbed into the bloodstream

*The product must break down and be available for use in your body at the right place and within the right time frame.  For example, a multivitamin is of no use to your body if it doesn’t break down in time to be absorbed into your bloodstream.  Many products end up passing right through your system and out into the toilet without ever completely breaking down.  Also, a microflora product must stay intact while in your stomach and not break down until it reaches your large intestine because stomach acid destroys the good bacteria.

Try this:  Put your multivitamin in a small dish, cover it with water and leave it.  Time how long it takes to completely break down.  Anything more than 15-20 minutes makes it useless.  Beware of synthetic products that are now adding starch to help with breakdown time (starch floats to top).

Tablet versus Capsule versus Liquid

You might think a liquid form would be best because no breakdown time is needed.  But, active ingredients react with each other and disintegrate in the bottle in most liquid formulas, making them inactive.  Capsules break down quickly and their active ingredients can be destroyed by stomach acid.  Tablets usually don’t break down within an appropriate time frame due to binders, fillers or coatings.  Find a product that ensures tablet breakdown even in water.  This is important, especially when considering those who may have poor stomach acid.  Bottom line:  does the final product provide a potent, bioavailable formula that’s usable by the cells of your body?

The Laws of Nature have to be the deciding factor when considering quality and effectiveness.  Your body doesn’t care about advertising.  It doesn’t care about the current fad.  It doesn’t care about how it tastes or looks.  It doesn’t care how much it costs.  It cares about one thing only.  The laws of nature must be upheld.  On a cellular basis the body knows nothing else.  Good health requires healthy cells.  Healthy cells require a balance of essential nutrients in accordance with the laws of nature.

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