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shaklee leaf  Shaklee Corporation

Shaklee Corporation is my preferred supplier of nutritional supplements, cleaning and personal care products for many reasons.  Dr. Shaklee began researching nature and its relationship to human and environmental health in the early 1900s.  In 1915, he created one of the first multivitamins in the world.  He helped pioneer the nutritional supplement industry, as well as a new, unique approach to product distribution and marketing.  While the modern world was interested in developing processed foods and synthetic products, Shaklee turned to nature.  In 1956, Dr. Shaklee and his two sons established the Shaklee Corporation.  In the 60s, Shaklee developed one of the first biodegradable household cleaners.  In the 70s, they introduced a biodegradable phosphate-free laundry detergent.

Product development and company achievements show their commitment to a healthier planet and better world.  The company has grown to the number one natural nutrition company in the United States and is rapidly growing globally.  Its lab has the largest and most sophisticated scientific team of any nutritional company in North America with over 150 skilled researchers and specialists.  It has a prestigious Scientific Advisory Board composed of internationally recognized physicians and scientists with expertise in nutrition, biochemistry, cardiovascular health, sports nutrition and performance, obesity, aging, and immune function.  They do no animal testing.  And they have an award-winning, pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing facility.

Science, Quality, Efficacy and Effectiveness

Shaklee is the only nutritional company that consistently performs valid, honest, complete clinical testing on its products.  Over 100 of their research papers have been accepted for publication in professional scientific and medical journals.  Consistent thorough steps, far exceeding industry requirements or standards, ensure product safety, purity, quality and efficacy.

Quality and Purity Testing:

*Shaklee doesn’t rely on vendor data to confirm purity and potency of a raw material.  They perform over 83,000 quality assurance tests every year.

*Some products undergo as many as 394 separate quality assurance tests throughout the manufacturing process.

*Quality testing is performed on EVERY batch produced.  Most companies only test their prototype batch, if they test at all.

*Every raw botanical is third-party tested for over 350 potential contaminants such as heavy metals, DDT, pesticides, and herbicides.

*Up to 176 separate tests for purity, freshness, potency and safety are performed on the raw materials for a single product.  Who do you think buys and uses the materials they reject?

*Temperature, humidity and transportation testing ensure consistent product freshness, stability and quality at time of purchase.

*Have the highest standards in the field.

*Shaklee will pull a product off the market if a pure raw material can’t be found or if anything contaminates a product in any way.

Shaklee nutritional products:

*Are formulated with the finest natural, organic or pure ingredients possible

*Are whole food sourced whenever possible

*Contain no artificial flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, or chemical fillers

*Contain essential known nutrients and enzymes

*Dissolve, are potent and active when and where they are needed in the body

*Don’t contain “fad”, “trendy” or potentially harmful ingredients

*Support the body’s natural wisdom, instead of trying to override it

*Create balance and give the body the right tools and ingredients to support natural metabolism and healing

*Have 55 patents and/or patents pending on their products

Efficacy and Effectiveness:

With over 57 years of history, many have been taking Shaklee products for 40+ years with terrific results.  What better long-term proof of safety and effectiveness could there be?

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