Nature’s Brilliance

   You probably didn’t realize, or even think about, the brilliant work that goes into creating a scab, making replacement tissues, and healing a bruise or injury.  All this miraculously happens without any conscious effort on our part.  Obviously this process works on the minor invasions just fine.  With a more invasive attack, like a larger injury or infection, we may have to help our immune system out with things like bandages, stitches, herbs, and medications.  But the underlying healing process is the same and in the end can only be accomplished by our own brilliant immune system.

Sometimes inflammation can get carried away, and like with anything, too much of a good thing is usually not so good.  When an injury occurs, you don’t want to swell up like a balloon.  That’s too much.  This happens when the surrounding tissues get aggravated.  Those tissues then start responding and becoming inflamed, and the process accelerates.  Then we have to help our immune system by applying RICE to the damaged area:

*Rest:  We must give the area time to rest and not aggravate the healing process.

*Ice:  Applying ice to the injury actually puts the cells into hyperthermia.  This shuts them down and stops their over-reactivity.  This is why it is so important to apply ice in the first 48 hours after an injury.

*Compression:  Wrapping the area helps keep over-reaction down and gives additional support and immobilization to the area.

*Elevation:  Elevating the injured area keeps excessive blood flow to the area at a minimum.

At a certain point in the healing process, it is important to start moving and exercising the area.  The body will heal itself the best it can, but in some instances, scar tissue may be the best it can do.  This is especially true if we don’t have enough of the needed building and repair materials, such as amino acids, calcium, and vitamin C, in our system to support the process.  Scar tissue in muscles can restrict functioning.  Scar tissue on the skin produces a scar.  Once scar tissue has developed, it is very difficult for the body to replace scar tissue with healthy tissue.  It is best to heal with healthy tissue in the first place.  This is when movement is necessary to encourage proper repair and healing.  This is the time you might need the help of physiotherapy, chiropractors, acupuncture, and/or massage.  To avoid the development of scar tissue after any injury, the body needs plentiful amounts of high quality nutrients/nutrition to properly carry out the natural healing process.

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