Questions to Ask Your Supplement Company

  Send the following questions to your current supplement supplier and/or any companies you may be interested in.  See what type of response you receive.  A reputable and credible company should be willing and able to answer any and all questions you have so that you can use their products with confidence and be sure of their safety and effectiveness.

1.  How much have you spent on your own scientific (not marketing) research to date?

2.  How long has your company been in the nutritional supplement business?

3.  How many full-time internationally recognized research staff does your company employ?

4.  Do independent research scientists evaluate your new product concepts?  If so, who?

5.  Does your company have a medical advisory board?  If so, who is on it?

6.  Do all your final product label claims have proven and documented substantiation?

7.  Has your product disintegration time been tested?  Are all nutrients in your final product scientifically proven bioavailable to the right cells at the right time?

8.  What colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives or fillers does your product contain?

9.  Is your product whole food sourced?  If not, how is it sourced?

10.  Are your ingredients organically and non-GMO sourced?  Is your final product scientifically proven to be pure of all traces of contaminants?

11.  Are your products processed using high heat?  Do they have proven enzymatic activity?

12.  What quality controls do you have in place on all your raw materials?

13.  What quality controls do you have in place for product stability during the manufacturing process (temperature and humidity)?

14.  What quality assurance tests do you run throughout your manufacturing process?

15.  Are all supplements made by your own manufacturing group or are they sub-contracted out?  If sub-contracted, what input do you have in quality control?

16.  Is clinical testing done on your finished product?  If so, please send me this research.

17.  Is a 100% money-back guarantee offered on your product?

18.  Please send a complete bibliography of all research that has been accepted for publication in refereed or peer reviewed professional journals.  Is the published research done by scientists employed by your company or those on your advisory board?  Is this research done on the specific final products being manufactured by your company?

19.  Plus any other questions to assure you of company integrity, permanence and product efficacy.

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