The Lymphatic System

     The cleanup and defense members of the immune system (antibodies and lymphocytes) travel through the body by lymphatic fluid.  Toxins and wastes are picked up and delivered to lymph nodes and lymph organs to be processed.  This system can’t pump like the heart, so circulation of this fluid depends on gravity and movement.  That is just another reason that things like exercise, jumping, and massage are so important for best performance.

The immune and lymphatic systems can be weakened by several things: (here are just a few)

*Skin disorders, such as eczema, weaken the first line of defense

*Not providing your immune system with optimal levels of protein and essential nutrients

*Poor digestion or absorption

*Chronic infections or allergies


*Antibiotic use; various drug use

*Ongoing stress

*Pollutants or toxins in food and environment

These put continuous stress on the immune system, leaving it confused and/or completely tired out.

What can help our lymphatic/immune system?

*Support, feed, and build a strong immune system with optimal amounts of essential nutrients, such as:

protein (

vitamin C (

vitamin E (

B-complex (

beta-carotene (

zinc (

*Increase antioxidant intake (

*Keep a healthy balance of intestinal microflora (

*Alfalfa is very helpful (

*NutriFeron (

*Garlic is one of nature’s greatest immune system supporters (

*Exercise, rebounding on a mini-trampoline, massage, skin brushing and Epsom salt baths

*Keep an optimal acid/alkaline balance

*Protect your immune system from invaders as much as possible

*Investigate, understand, eliminate or otherwise resolve underlying issues that may be contributing to a tired and/or weakened system, like allergies, Candida, toxic exposures, and chronic conditions.

A note about tonsils:

Many of us have been told that our tonsils are not a vital organ and if they become infected too many times they should be removed.  Well, your immune system doesn’t agree.  Tonsils are a vital part of your immune system.  Do you know what tonsils are?  They are small masses of lymphatic tissue in the mucous lining of the throat.  Their job is to trap and remove bacteria that enter via the throat.  They are so good at their job that occasionally they become filled up with bacteria, which causes them to become swollen, red and painful.  When this happens, your body is letting you know you have an immune battle on your hands.  This is the time for you to provide optimum support to your immune system with rest, high levels of nutrients, garlic, herbs or whatever natural approach you want to take.  It is also the time for you to review your diet and lifestyle and decide if you are overtaxing your immune system.  Only in very rare instances is it be necessary to remove tonsils (of course consult your medical professional).  Realize this though, if you remove this first line of defense to your respiratory tract you have removed your “front line army” and put more responsibility and pressure on the other “troops”.  It is now even more important to build and support a strong and effective immune system.

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