US obesity

Did you know the obesity rate in the US is surpassing most countries of the world? People are crying for help with their much needed weight loss issues. . The difference between this program and ALL other weight loss programs out there is that Shaklee 180 products are formulated with leucine. Leucine is an amino acid that helps maintain muscle mass and burns the fat we don’t want. This program is not only safe but fantastic for everyone, including diabetics, as all products are low glycemic. From Olympic athletes to weekend warriors everyone enjoys the products because they know there are no additives, preservatives, added dyes, colors or sugars. Try Shaklee 180 and share it with others you know who want to lose 10 to 110+ lbs. ….. no more yo-yo diets! Presentations are being scheduled NOW for January and you are invited. Contact me for details….I’m so excited for myself and for anyone who wants to join me……This is our year! It’s time to reach our weight goals, get back into those skinny jeans and lead a healthy life. for a brief preview.

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