Where To Start When Choosing A Supplement

   There is a huge difference in the quality of nutritional supplements.  How do you choose products that are safe, pure and of the highest quality?  How do you choose products that will be effective in feeding, supporting, growing and repairing your cells?  Only supplements that follow the laws of nature can benefit your health and well being.  So how do you find them?

Are you thoroughly confused and frustrated?

So you’ve decided to support your health with nutritional supplements, or you’ve decided to switch to safe, natural cleaning and personal care products to try to improve your health.  But you’re bombarded with advertising and huge amounts of information that’s confusing and conflicting.  You would need to be a scientist to be able to understand and sort through it all.  We’ve all felt the confusion.

I was just as confused and frustrated.

It is my job to educate, support and guide people on their journey to optimal health.  I review diet and lifestyle and make recommendations.  I review symptoms or concerns and make recommendations based on how your body uses different raw materials.  I look at how your body’s digestion, elimination, filtration, communication and immune systems are working and make recommendations.  When I feel nutritional supplements are needed to address possible deficiencies or imbalances or to support an issue, I feel it’s my duty to suggest products that work with the laws of nature.  And I believe strongly in “do no harm”.

Over the years I’ve used or studied many store-brand supplements.  Most were ineffective.  Worse, many contained petroleum-based or other synthetic ingredients.  I learned the importance of what active ingredients are in a product, and when and how those active ingredients are used in the body.  No one likes to waste their time, effort and money on ineffective products.  No one likes to hear that vitamin “X” can help issue “X”, so they purchase a store brand and then get no benefit.  I’ve had the same issues.

After many years of study, research, and using different product lines I have thankfully found one I can put my complete faith and trust in to be the very best.  And it is readily available to anyone with just a phone call or internet order.  The information and products discussed here are available to support whoever wants them.  This has completely eased my level of frustration and concern when recommending supplements and safe, non-toxic cleaning and personal care products.  I believe many of you are suffering the same frustration and concern and are searching for a product line you can trust to be safe and effective.

An example of quality in action:

This example illustrates that product quality makes a big difference.  My friend’s daughter played baseball for years and my friend had become the team’s “first aid lady”.  A player and a coach received quite serious bee stings.  (This doesn’t refer to people who have anaphylactic reactions to bee stings.)  She quickly offered them the product we knew would alleviate the swelling and pain.  Monitoring their progress, she continued to give them “doses” as needed throughout the game.  Not surprising, this worked wonderfully and both were able to finish the game with no ill effects.  As they were leaving my friend asked if they had this nutrient at home and they each said “yes, but a store brand”.  She offered each of them some of my brand to take home with them, explaining that quality makes a big difference, but each said their brand would be fine.  The next time I spoke with them they said their product “did nothing for them” and each ended up having to take an over-the-counter drug to counteract the remaining bee sting reaction.  This is the difference quality makes.

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