Body Pollution Creates Disease

Body Pollution Creates Disease

sick   We can’t say we don’t know.  Think about it.  We are bombarded by toxins from everywhere.  Our environment is suffering.  Our wildlife is suffering.  Our air, water and food supply is suffering.  Human health is suffering.  Our unborn babies are suffering while still in the womb.  It’s time to say enough is enough!  Even with more and more people suffering from degenerative diseases, auto-immune disorders, ADD/ADHD, asthma, obesity, diabetes, cancer, autism, anxiety and much more, we still don’t make the connection.

Why do we keep saying we don’t know the cause of this or that issue?  We know we’re poisoning our water, air, soil, environment and ourselves.  We know our diet contains foodstuffs that are severely lacking in essential vitamins and minerals.  We know we include destructive substances and habits in our lifestyle.  Just how do we expect our body to respond to this abuse?  We’ve created the chaos we’re in.  The reasons are very well known and they are very basic.  We just refuse to see the reality.

Disease results from nutrient deficiencies and the accumulation of environmental chemicals.  And we continue to add more chemicals every day to our environment.  There are over 6000 common everyday chemicals and every one by itself can lead to all kinds of possible symptoms.  Instead, in our world of modern medicine, every symptom becomes an automatic deficiency of some drug.

What Can We Do About Body Pollution?

A lot of our recent talk has been kind of depressing and even a little scary.  Once we take a good look around us and realize what’s going on in our world, we have to make some decisions.  What are we going to do about it, for ourselves, for our children, for our planet?

“Our first goal should be living in harmony with nature, for the laws of nature are fixed laws.  They will never change, so we must adjust our lives in accordance with their demands.” – Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee.

What can we do?

*Become educated.  Don’t blindly believe all the marketing hype about any of the products you decide to include in your life.  Learn both sides of the story and all possible options.  You have choices and can make positive changes.

*Know there’s almost always a safer option available.  Search for it.

*Think about doing an internal cleanse to clean up your filtration and elimination systems and clean out the toxins.

*If you’re thinking about pregnancy, BOTH mom and dad should “clean up your systems” BEFORE conception, never during pregnancy or lactation.

*Stop adding toxins to your life.  Choose a healthier diet and lifestyle.

*Choose to eliminate toxins and chemicals from your home and your life wherever possible.

*Replace your existing harmful products with safe household cleaning products.

*Get involved.  Educate others.  Share your knowledge and passion to help our planet.

The choice is yours every day.  Every night you can go to bed knowing you’ve made your total toxic load better, the same, or worse.  The choices you make every day add to that total package.

Your home should be the safest place in the world – make wise choices!

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