Cleaning and Maintaining Your Body

housecleaning   Do you wash your clothes, clean your house, clean the lint out of your dryer, replace furnace filters, and replace broken roof shingles?  Why?  We invest a lot of money in our homes, appliances, and furniture.  We want them to look good and perform for a long time, therefore, we take care of them.

Do you wash your car, change the oil and filters, rotate the tires?  Why?  Most of us rely on our cars, take pride in how they look, spend a small fortune on them and would be lost without them.  We feed them quality gas and oil and know the importance of regular maintenance to avoid problems and ensure optimum performance and long life.

Do you shower every day?  Do you brush your teeth?  How often do you wash your hands?  Why?  We know the importance of cleanliness.  We don’t want to pick up any germs.  We want to look good and smell good.  We use “personal care” products.  What does all this accomplish?  We look good and smell good on the outside.  But, have you ever stopped to think about the inside of your body?

Think about it.  What are you doing to clean and maintain your internal body, your own personal computer, your personal engine?  How do you care for the vehicle that you ride in for your entire lifetime; the place where you live your life; your most important investment in this world; the thing you quite literally can’t live without?

Internal cleaning and maintenance is the most important “personal care”.  Do you know how your body keeps clean on the inside?  Any idea about what regular maintenance your internal body needs?  How much do you know about your internal filtration and disposal systems?  Do you know they need regular support, maintenance and cleaning?

The human body has 4 main organs/systems that filter things.

1.  Kidneys/Urinary system:

– Filters about 1-1/2 gallons of internal fluids each hour

– Regulates blood volume and chemical makeup

– Filters out wastes for excretion from the body in the urine

– Returns needed substances to the blood

2.  Respiratory system:

– Purifies, humidifies and warms incoming air

– Releases carbon dioxide, the waste product of respiration

– Releases toxins caught by mucous membranes:  coughing, sneezing, blowing nose

3.  Lymph nodes/Lymphatic system:

– Consists of lymphatic fluid, lymph nodes, glands and organs (tonsils, spleen, thymus, appendix, Peyer’s Patches in intestinal tract)

– Removes bacteria, viruses, tumor cells, foreign substances from lymphatic fluid

– Produces antibodies to fight off invaders

4.  Liver, the body’s main filtering organ:

– Has over 500 known jobs

– Filters about 8 cups of blood per minute

– Plays a central role in metabolism ensuring the body absorbs everything it needs and dumps everything it doesn’t need

– Detoxifies alcohol and drugs.  Degrades hormones.

– Makes and/or stores various substances such as cholesterol, proteins, glucose, B12, and iron.

Tomorrow we’ll talk more about our filtration system.

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