Consequences of Inadequate Nutrition

How does malnutrition affect our health and lead to disease?

Malnutrition develops when the quality and quantity of nutrients are not enough to support the body’s energy and life support systems.  A series of events occurs beginning with the imbalance and deficiency of nutrients.  This causes the cells to starve, weaken, and malfunction.  Toxins accumulate, which leads to poor elimination of waste, which leads to more illness.  Cellular reproduction, growth, repair, and recovery slow down.  The immune system weakens, which increases your vulnerability to invading organisms.  These potential invaders reside on body surfaces, around the openings, and in the intestinal tract.  Infection sets in.  Cellular death progresses to tissues, organs, and organ systems.  Symptoms and signs of disease begin to appear.  If we pay attention to these signs of distress and take some action, disease may not progress.  Early healing and recovery are very possible.  Left untreated, the disease process continues.  As more and more organs malfunction, death could result.  Therefore, early intervention is critical for complete recovery.

Now you know that certain things are necessary to insure good nutrition for wellness.  They are a healthy digestive system and a good supply of nutrients from wholesome, organic, natural food sources.  Given the number and concentration of “anti-nutrients” in today’s world, a scientifically founded, quality food supplementation program is essential.  This step really helps to guarantee optimal nutrition for optimal wellness.

Let’s assume we are providing the body with good quality nutrition.  How does food help the body?  What are the functions of food?  What foods serve these functions?  To make the explanation easy to follow, we will use three basic functional food groups.  And we will talk about these tomorrow.

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