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     Today we are going to answer a question about painful feet.  I received a question about treating painful feet with a specific diagnosis of hallux rigidus.  Basically, hallux rigidus literally means “stiff great toe”.  Some symptoms of hallux rigidus are limited big toe motion and pain caused by degenerative arthritis of the first joint of the great toe.  These symptoms can range from mild to disabling.  People with hallux rigidus develop a “bump” on their foot, similar to what is shown in the picture.  This bump is actually a bone spur.   There is not a specific cause for this to develop, but some physicians suggest overuse, injury, and hereditary.

If you think you have hallux rigidus please make sure you are seeing a podiatrist (foot doctor).  All nonsurgical solutions should be tried before considering surgery.  However, surgery is often necessary to remove the bone spur if the pain is disabling.

Nonsurgical treatment of this condition includes remedies to control the inflammation and pain, special shoes that reduce the amount of bend in the toe during walking, and cortisone injections.

Since my specialty in this lies in the control of inflammation and pain using natural products, I would recommend starting with Vitalizer and Vivix.  Vitalizer is a 6-tablet multivitamin that comes in a strip and is taken once a day.  It contains 80 essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, delivers optimal levels of antioxidants, is pure, potent, balanced, safe and provides the best nature has to offer.  Vivix is an antioxidant with numerous benefits, including anti-aging support and immune support and should be taken once a day.

In addition, to deal specifically with the inflammation I would recommend Alfalfa, GLA Complex, and Advanced Joint Health Complex.  Pain Relief Complex and Joint & Muscle Pain Cream can be added to help with the pain.

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