Living With Bone Pain

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Living With Bone Pain

I had a question the other day about bone pain.

As we all know, bone is a very hard structure giving shape to your body.

Like muscles, bones also have blood vessels, pain receptors and arteries.

Fracture or sprain of the cartilage surrounding the bone or diseases like osteoarthritis can result in bone pain.

Apart from severe unbearable pain, people find it hard to move the affected bone.

Bone pain is mostly localized, which means it restricts only to the affected area.

Injury or disease affecting your vertebral bones through which the spinal cord passes can cause pain in your back, as well as other areas.

However, the affected area depends on the vertebral bones affected and the surrounding nerve roots involved.

Pain in joints can also radiate along the length of the bone that makes up the joint.

For example, pain in your elbow joint can result in pain in your arm and even in your wrist.

In most cases, bone pain is mostly due to an injury to either the bone or the surrounding tissues.

Other causes for bone pain include:

>Inflammation from infection.

>Weakening of bones due to poor intake of calcium or with age.

>Extensive growth and compression of the bones.

>Destruction of the bones.

>Development of a tumor in the bones.

>Softening of the bones due to osteomalacia.

>Reduction in bone density due to osteoporosis.

>Conditions like rickets in children.

>Auto-immune diseases like systemic lupus erythematosus.

>Drugs like calcitrol can also cause bone pain.

In all cases except injury, bone pain is felt only after a certain extent of damage is caused to the bone.

In case of injury, like a fracture, pain is felt immediately.

The pain is usually deep and sharp intensive pain felt in your bones and it generally gets worse at night.

However, the extent of pain depends on the cause.

In case of fractures, severe pain is felt only if the injured bone is moved.

There will be mild or no pain if the affected part is allowed to rest.

Other symptoms include:

>Severe bone pain with fever is a sign of a bone infection.

>Bone pain with excessive sweating at night is also a sign of infection.

>Retarded growth accompanied by bone pain in children is a sign of rickets.

>Bone pain along with deformities is a sign of diseases like osteomalacia and osteoporosis.

These conditions should be taken care of immediately to prevent adverse affects.

Treatment depends on the cause of pain and your age.

To deal with bone pain it’s beneficial to:

*Increase weight-bearing exercises

*Lose weight to take some pressure off your joints; you can follow my weight loss blog at

*Stop smoking.

*Eat calcium-rich foods.

*Take natural supplements.

*Get plenty of vitamin D.

*Eat fresh (not canned) pineapple and/or papaya because they contain enzymes that reduce inflammation.

*Explore the use of Arnica (homeopathic remedy).

*Consider Horsetail (herb) tea or extract.

*Eliminate acid-forming food and drinks (coffee, soda pop, dairy, red meat, processed foods, sugar, white flour products)


It’s essential to use:  Vita Lea, Protein, Calcium/Magnesium, Vitamin D, Alfalfa, OmegaGuard, GLA.

It’s important to use:  B-Complex, Vitamin C, VitalMag, Optiflora, Zinc.

It’s beneficial to use:  CoQHeart, EZ-Gest, Vivix, Joint Health Complex, Pain Relief Complex.

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