Living With Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

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Living With Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

I had a question the other day about dark circles under your eyes.

When dark shadows or bags linger, the cause usually isn’t something temporary, like a few too many cocktails!

It might be something you’ve inherited.

Pigmentary issues causing under-eye discoloration are common among people of Asian or African descent.

Age also contributes to dark circles.

With age, the skin around your eye thins, exposing the tiny blood vessels lying just below.

Still, you can do something about it.

If you pull the skin sideways and the darkness turns blotchy, it means the problem is caused by excess pigment in the area.

Most often, dark circles aren’t about changes in the color of your skin at all.

Instead, they’re created by a loss of volume in the area around your eye.

That exposes your orbital bone, creating a hollow trough showing up as a dark circle.

With the delicate eye area one of the first spots to reveal signs of aging, this can happen as early as your late 30s or 40s.

What can you do?

Don’t smoke, and always apply a sunscreen around your eye area.

Smoking and exposure to UV rays both weaken collagen and cause premature wrinkling and sagging.

Apply a moisturizer to your eye area nightly.

To deal with dark circles under your eyes it’s beneficial to:

*Drink 6-8 cups of purified water daily.

*Bayberry bark, cayenne, and red raspberry leaves, taken by mouth, are beneficial.

*Include the following in your diet:  broccoli, raw cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, green vegetables, squash, sunflower seeds, and watercress.

*Drink fresh carrot juice.

*Eliminate sugar and white flour from your diet.

*If you wear glasses, wear clear glasses that have been treated to keep out ultraviolet rays.

*Never use hair dyes containing coal tar on your eyelashes or eyebrows; doing so can cause injury or blindness.  Although coal tar dyes are legal, marketing them for the eyebrows isn’t.

*Be careful when using drugs, whether prescription or over-the-counter.

*The combination of nicotine, sugar, and caffeine may temporarily affect your vision.

*Eliminate toxic cosmetics, eye care, and personal care products.

*Eliminate toxic household and laundry cleaners.

*Eliminate poor air quality, which could be irritating.

*Eliminate chlorinated shower/bath water, which could be irritating.

*Avoid free radical damage; check heavy metal toxicity.

*Eliminate smoking.

If you’re dealing with dark circles under your eyes, try these (100% money-back guarantee):

It’s essential to use:  Vita-Lea, Protein, CarotoMax, FlavoMax, Vitamin D, Alfalfa, B-Complex, Mental Acuity.

It’s important to use:  Vitamin C, OmegaGuard, GLA, CoQHeart, Zinc, Vivix.

It’s beneficial to use:  Vitamin E, Optiflora, VitalMag.

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