Living With Ear Infections

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Living With Ear Infections

I had a question the other day about ear infections.

Medically, an ear infection is called otitis media.

The middle ear is the small part of your ear behind your eardrum.

It can get infected when germs from your nose and throat are trapped there.

A small tube connects your ear to your throat.

These 2 tubes are called eustachian tubes.

A cold can cause this tube to swell.

When the tube swells enough to become blocked, it can trap fluid inside your ear.

This makes it a perfect place for germs to grow and cause an infection.

Ear infections happen mostly in young children, because their tubes are smaller and more easily get blocked.

The main symptom of an ear infection is an earache.

It can be mild, or it can hurt a lot.

Babies and young children may be fussy.

They may pull at their ears and cry.

They may have trouble sleeping.

They may also have a fever.

You may see thick, yellow fluid coming from their ears.

This happens when the infection has caused their eardrum to burst and the fluid flows out.

This isn’t serious and usually makes the pain go away.

The eardrum usually heals on its own.

When fluid builds up but doesn’t get infected, children often say that their ears just feel plugged.

They may have trouble hearing, but their hearing usually returns to normal after the fluid is gone.

It may take weeks for the fluid to drain away.

To deal with an ear infection it’s beneficial to:

*Drink 6-8 cups of purified water.

*Increase essential fats (flax oil, fish oils, Omega-3 oils).

*Explore the use of onion juice drops, garlic oil, ear oils found in health food stores, or hydrogen peroxide dropped directly into the ear.

*Consider Oil of Oregano because it is a natural antibiotic.

*Avoid dairy products because they are generally very mucous forming.

*Investigate possible triggers/sensitivities (food and/or environmental) as they often trigger or aggravate the condition.

*Eliminate smoking.  Ear infections happen more often to children who are around cigarette smoke.  Even the fumes from tobacco smoke on your hair and clothes can affect them.

*Eliminate sugar because it “turns off” the immune system.

*For frequent infections, Optiflora and NutriFeron should be taken to build the immune system.

*Some find ear candling beneficial and relaxing.

*If excess wax is a frequent issue, increase essential fats intake.

*Be careful of swimming pools and hot tubs that harbor bacteria/fungi or high levels of chlorine.


It’s essential to use:  Vita-Lea, Protein, Optiflora, Defend & Resist, Immunity Formula, NutriFeron, Garlic, Vitamin C, Zinc.

It’s important to use:  Alfalfa, B-Complex, CarotoMax and/or FlavoMax, Vitamin D, OmegaGuard, GLA.

It’s beneficial to use:  DTX, Gentle Sleep Complex, Vivix.

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PS:  If you have any questions about ear infections, and would like to know how supplements can help, give us a call at 715-431-0657.  We’re here to help.



  • Lenay

    Reply Reply November 14, 2013

    Thank you!

  • Jodi

    Reply Reply November 8, 2014

    Howdy Lenaye, ( I hope I spelled that right). I apologize if I did and please correct me. I often get ear infections and I have fought off one that has me plugged in my left ear and has me congested in my face and and ears. Any advice so I can unplugged my ear, so I feel like myself again and hear out of it. I stay away from dairy products( I’m lactose intolerant) and have taken tablespoons each day with Braggs ACV. Any healthy alternatives to conventional meds. I no longer want to take antiobiotics. Thank you Graciously. Jodi

    • dickandlenay

      Reply Reply November 9, 2014

      Hi Jodi! Just wanted to make sure you got the email I sent you last night. Let me know if you have any questions.

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