Living With Jaundice

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Living With Jaundice

I had a question the other day about jaundice.

Jaundice is a yellowing of your skin and eyes caused by a buildup of bilirubin in your blood.

Bilirubin is a yellow-brown substance resulting from the breakdown of old red blood cells.

If this waste product isn’t removed from your bloodstream by your liver, bilirubin backs up in your blood, producing a yellowing of your skin and whites of your eyes.

Your urine may be darker than normal, while your stools may appear lighter.

Jaundice may be accompanied by edema (fluid retention) in your trunk, fatigue, generalized itching, nausea, rashes on your skin, and vomiting.

If you suspect you have jaundice, seek medical attention.

Jaundice isn’t a disease in itself, but a sign of any one of several blood or liver disorders.

Among the conditions causing jaundice are cirrhosis of the liver, pernicious anemia, hepatitis, and hemolysis (abnormal destruction of red blood cells).

Jaundice can also be a sign of an obstruction in the path of the bile flow, from your liver through your bile ducts to your gallbladder, and then to your intestinal tract.

If any part of your biliary tract is obstructed for some reason, the bile (which contains bilirubin) passes back into your bloodstream instead of into your digestive system, producing jaundice.

Occasionally, jaundice is caused by some form of parasitic infestation like tapeworm or hookworm, or a bite from a flea or mosquito carrying a viral, bacterial, or parasitic infection.

It can also be caused by a tumor, a gallstone, or inflammation.

Some degree of jaundice is common in newborn babies, especially premature babies, and isn’t considered serious.

It happens because a new baby’s liver is limited in its ability to process bilirubin, and in most cases soon resolves itself.

Some babies are placed under a heating lamp to speed up the removal of the excess bilirubin.

To deal with jaundice it’s beneficial to:

*Drink lots of purified water daily to hydrate and flush toxins.

*Burdock root and red clover aid in cleansing your blood.

*Celandine, and dandelion aid in cleansing your liver.

*Oregano is good for relieving jaundice.

*Silymarin, an active flavonoid extracted from the herb milk thistle, is known to repair damaged tissues in your liver.

*Eat only raw vegetables and fruits for one week.  Then eat a diet consisting of 75% raw food for a month.  Take fresh lemon enemas daily during this period.  This is for adults only.

*Use the spices coriander and turmeric in your cooking.  These are good liver cleansers.

*Drink the following juices:  lemon juice and water, beet and beet greens, and dandelion or black radish extract.  All are good for rebuilding and cleansing your liver.

*Never eat raw or undercooked fish, meat, or poultry.  All raw fish pose a risk of infection from bacteria, parasites, and viruses.

*Don’t consume any alcohol.  Alcohol places a great strain on your liver, which can aggravate the condition even further.

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