Our Energy Body and Our Health

energy2     What does our energy body have to do with our health?

In the same way we notice our energy fields reacting emotionally to people or places, we also react physically.  We may have reactions like:

*An immediate headache, digestive reactions, or physical tension.

*A relaxation of symptoms when in the present of someone you feel safe with (magically your headache disappears when a certain person is around) or you never quite feel totally relaxed, or quite yourself, unless you are out in nature, on the lake or . . .

We may not notice these reactions or make this connection.  Maybe our arthritis or headache or digestive issues flare up for no explainable reason.

What can affect our energy body?

Virtually anything, anybody, any place, any time.

*Things you ingest:  Food, chemicals, medications, caffeine, nicotine.

*Things you breathe in.

*Things we put on our body:  Creams, shampoos, soaps, deodorants, nail polish.

*Things we come into contact with:  Personally, environmentally.

*Certain people, places, time of day or year.

*Devices that give off electromagnetic energy fields:  Microwaves, cell phones, wireless devices, computers, laptops, TVs, electric blankets, pagers, clock radios.  These all have a powerful effect on our energy body and our physical, emotional and mental body.

Remember Einstein said everything is made of and radiates energy.  Our energy system is constantly being affected by the energies of everything we come into contact with.  Does this mean we should hide?  No.  Most of us react neutrally to most things.  But there are some things that may give a higher response.  These will usually be the negative things we subject ourselves to.  Be aware they can also affect your energy body.

A “zzzztt” in the system:

It has been said the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in your energy body.  We have all experienced static electricity.  You feel, and sometimes even see, the tiny spark.  This is an excellent physical example of our body’s electrical nature.  All messages sent throughout the body are electrobiochemical.  Once the electrical activity stops, our energy stops, and we are lifeless.

Take your TV for example.  You can’t see the energy flowing through your TV, but you know it’s there because of the sound and picture.  What happens when there is a disruption to the energy flow into your TV, like a thunderstorm.  The sound and/or picture fuzz out.  If the disruption is severe enough you lose the connection entirely.  Now think about this same process in your energy body.  The resulting “zzztt” or fuzzing out can cause disruptions along your energy circuit.  This can disrupt any organ the energy pathway serves.  If it’s strong enough, the disruption can have a ripple effect into other areas of the body.  These “zzztts” in your energy body could result in any number of emotional or physical symptoms.

If what we have been talking about makes sense to you, then you can begin to understand that our energy body affects our health and our mental, emotional and spiritual states.  If you are stuck in an area of your life, maybe it’s time to think about rebalancing your energy.  Many practitioners and methods are available to help with this type of work.  Start educating yourself.  There are many books that address energy and how it affects our health and happiness.  As with our physical body, there are methods to excite, relax, cleanse, balance, and feed our energy system.   Research alternatives.  Get various opinions.  Find something that works and feels right for you.

Tomorrow we will start talking about body essentials.

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