Our Energy Body

     According to Einstein, energy is all there is.  Everything is made of energy and radiates energy.  This is also true of the human body.  Your energy body corresponds to your physical body.  It is more responsive and can be more easily disturbed by various influences.  Disruptions in your health show on an energetic level before they do on a physical level.  You should rebalance any disruptions in your energy pathways before they manifest into physical symptoms that are difficult to reverse.

Many terms are used when discussing energy, such as meridians, chakras and auras.  Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, and many eastern beliefs and therapies have used this information for centuries.  There is nothing new about energy systems and pathways.  It is only recently that modern western medicine has started to accept these systems.  There are many excellent books available if you are interested in exploring this further.  Only a very brief description is included here as an introduction to their existence.

Meridians, Chakras, Auras

Meridians (your energy transportation system):

Along with the 11 organ systems in our body, we also have many energy systems called meridians.  There are 14 meridians:  central, governing, spleen, heart, small intestine, bladder, kidney, circulation-sex, triple warmer, gallbladder, liver, lung, large intestine and stomach.  Most of the meridians are connected to specific organs.  Together these meridians form a continuous flow of energy in the body.  A disruption that happens along any given meridian can create an imbalance within the corresponding organ or area of the body.

Chakras (your body’s energy stations or centers):

Chakras are the vortexes that integrate all the energy bodies into the physical body.  There are 7 chakras.  Although chakra has become the modern, or common name for these energy centers, many ancient traditional cultures recognized and respected their importance to a person’s well-being.

Auras (your body’s energy filter/antenna):

Auras are composed of the different energy bodies that surround your physical body.

Is This For Real?

Are you thinking, “what a pile of baloney” or “what does this have to do with my health”?  The idea of an energy body may be totally new to some of you.  Others will be very familiar with it.  These energy pathways can’t be seen on x-rays, but they can be measured by different computer systems that many health care practitioners use now.  Acupuncture points can now be illuminated.

Think of it like this.  When you look at a forest, what do you see?  Most people will answer “the trees”.  But there is something else.  Even though you don’t really notice it, and can’t really measure it, there is something else.  Something our minds haven’t been trained to look at or notice.  There is space between the trees – the open spaces that allow a trail to be laid.  Think of meridians as the space between your cells allowing a pathway for the energy to flow.

We have all felt energy.  We have all experienced one or more of the following at some point:

*Meeting someone and immediately “sensing” something about them, good or bad.

*Walking into a room or a building, feeling comfortable, or an urge to “get out of there”.

*Seeing an infant, a child or perhaps a dog, immediately react to someone or someplace.

*Having an immediate attraction to that special someone.

How do we explain situations like that?  Could it be that we sense their energy, and they ours?  And, our energy either “jives” with theirs or it doesn’t.  We either feel comfortable, or ill at ease.  Most of us react neutrally to most people and places, but we have all encountered those that for some unknown, inexplicable, illogical reason, just push our buttons either in a good way or a not-so-good way.

Tomorrow we will talk about what this has to do with our health.

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