Purpose, Plan and Action

How did you do?  Did you define your purpose, your why?  Napoleon Hill says to not worry too much about your actual plan, because that can be changed.  It can be adjusted if you find it to be not working well.  But your purpose, that has to be very definite.  You have to define exactly what it is you’re going after.  And you have to put it into work in your daily life, in your profession and in your human relations.


Mr. Hill’s second premise is that “all individual achievements are the results of a motive or a combination of motives”.  In other words, you cannot ask anybody to do anything without giving that person an adequate motive.  And if you think about it, that’s really at the core of salesmanship, isn’t it? – the ability to plant in the mind of the prospective buyer an adequate motive for buying something.  So, think about that the next time you’re about ready to ask for that sale.  Have you provided an adequate motive to your buyer?  This, too, will lead to stress-free marketing.

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