Rebuilding and Strengthening Your Foundation

Today we will continue our discussion about getting healthy.  This is step 2, and should be started after the detoxification/cleansing step we talked about yesterday.

Soy Protein – Begin with a serving a day; 1 tablespoon at each meal.

This step focuses on repairing, rebuilding, and replacing worn-out cells and tissues with stronger, healthier ones.  The basic nutrient for this step is soy protein.  It is an excellent source of essential amino acids without the cholesterol.  It also helps regulate hormones, is a rich source of calcium, and balances sugar metabolism.

Protein makes up 20 percent of an adult’s body weight.  Growing children and pregnancy require additional protein above the average daily requirements.  Lack of protein causes swelling due to water retention, often noticeable in the ankles and legs.  Without adequate protein, hemoglobin production decreases, anemia develops and the brain, heart, and muscles suffer from lack of oxygen.  All body fluids, enzymes, antibodies, hormones, and blood cells are protein.  The body’s protective structures (skin, hair, nails, and the surface linings of body openings) are the immune system’s first line of defense and are also made of protein.

If you are lacking protein you may experience decreased energy and stamina, hair loss, poor hair and nail growth, pale/unhealthy skin, recurring skin infections, poor healing of wounds, cuts or bruises, abdominal enlargement, swelling, recurring illnesses, slow recovery from illnesses or surgery, poor weight gain, slow growth or retardation, mental retardation, developmental delays in children, poor muscle mass, strength and tone.

Multivitamin, multinutrient supplement – Take 1 tablet at breakfast and 1 tablet at dinner.  Do not take on an empty stomach!

Vitamins and minerals are catalysts that act on food for digestion.  Without vitamins and minerals energy could not be released for healthy metabolism.  Every cell needs all the essential vitamins, minerals and trace minerals.  You should take a high-potency formulation that gives you all the essential nutrients in doses most consistently associated with long-term health benefits.  This is extremely effective for building and repair of cells and tissues.

Calcium Magnesium – Take 2 tablets at breakfast and 2 tablets at dinner.

The skeleton is the infrastructure of the human body.  It is made up mostly of minerals and protein.  Ninety-nine percent of the calcium in the body is in bones.  Only 1 percent is in the blood.  Bone formation requires a good supply of protein, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin D, vitamin C, biotin, vitamin K, and the trace minerals boron, manganese, and molybdenum.  Children require additional calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus for building strong bones, teeth, muscles, and blood, especially when their diet does not provide these vital nutrients for growth and good health.

Sustained Release Vitamin C 500 milligrams – Take 1 tablet at breakfast and 1 tablet at dinner.

Vitamin C holds cells and tissues together.  It strengthens the foundation of all the tissues.  Vitamin C serves to protect cells from free-radical damage, which prevents premature aging and cellular breakdown.  Vitamin C also helps with detoxification and elimination of waste.  If you are deficient in vitamin C you may experience easy bruising and bleeding, prolonged bleeding, gum inflammation and disease, recurring colds, congestion and infections, scurvy (a joint and bone disease), mental depression, irritability, premature aging of the skin, arteriosclerosis, and heart disease.

B-Complex – Take 1 with each meal.

There are 8 B vitamins.  Each B vitamin helps the others do a better job, so they should all be present.  The B-complex doesn’t give you energy; however, you will not have much energy without it.  The B-complex releases energy from your food.  If your B-complex is missing 2 of the 8, it is like having a 10-cylinder car firing only 8 cylinders!  If you are deficient in the B vitamins you may experience fatigue, muscle weakness, energy depletion, skin and digestive problems, depression, concentration, and attention/behavior problems.

Tomorrow we will talk about protection and prevention.

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