Toxins are in our soil, food, water, air, and medications


Mother Nature provides a wealth of nutrients for our survival, health, and longevity.  Nutrients from the earth are picked up by plants, which are processed naturally with the aid of sunlight to become the essential nutrients for our cells, tissues, and organs.

Minerals such as iron, selenium, zinc, copper, cadmium, lithium, mercury, lead, and others in the soil are potentially toxic in the inorganic form.  Plants convert these into edible, safe, and health-promoting organic nutrients.  Since we are the ultimate consumer of nature, shouldn’t we be careful about what we put in the soil that can eventually end up in our bodies?


Chemical pollutants enter the food chain when the soil is treated with chemical fertilizer and plants are sprayed with pesticides and herbicides.  Many chemicals are added to food to improve appearance, taste, and texture, or for preservation, such as food enhancers, bleachers, fillers, artificial colorings, artificial flavorings, and preservatives.

Chemical residues from the processing of food containers, such as lead-lined or aluminum-lined cans, boxes, or wraps, can inadvertently mix in with the food or beverage.  There are other contaminants we know little about.  There are about 7,000 additives in our food, some of which can cause adverse health effects, particularly in allergic reactions such, as hives.  Some sulfites can even aggravate asthma to the point of death.

As we rely more and more on processed foods or foods prepared by others, we naturally increase our risk for highly preventable threats to our health and life.  Safety and hygienic measures can only be at their best when we ourselves prepare the foods.  Shouldn’t we have some control over foods and drinks we consume?


Water is precious and vital to life.  It is critical for various body systems, such as metabolism of food, elimination of waste, and balancing of electrolytes.  It also transports nutrients to cells and transports toxic waste away from cells.  In addition, water regulates body temperature and the flushing of toxins by the liver, colon, gallbladder, kidneys, lungs, and skin.  There are thousands of toxic chemical compounds in use todayand many of these can enter and contaminate surface and underground water.  Some of the chemicals found in drinking water could cause cancer, mutations, and birth defects.

Toxic levels of pollutants pose a health threat to everyone and particularly to unborn babies, infants, and children.  Some of the pollutants in our tap water include arsenic, lead, mercury, fluoride, radium, chloroform, volatile organic chemicals, pesticides, and benzene.

Many contaminants are tasteless, odorless, and colorless and therefore very difficult to detect.  Bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi are other health threats in our water supply.  Where does this pollution come from?  Probably somewhere near you are landfills, pits and ponds of liquid wastes, underground storage tanks, and septic tanks.  The number of sources of water pollution are staggering.

What can we do?  Everyone must commit to reduce further pollution of our natural water resources.  There are several ways to do this.  Use biodegradable, environmentally safe, and friendly household cleaners, such as those produced by the Shaklee Corporation, such as the official Earth Day product Basic H (a household cleaner) laundry cleaner , dishwasher powder , and the other excellent biodegradable cleaners.  To assure pure, clean, safe drinking water as nature intended, use the Get Clean water pitcher/filter or the Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System.

Tomorrow we will finish up our discussion of toxins.

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