Why Do We Get Sick?

What is it that really causes us to get sick?  Is it the germs?  The toxins?  Does the disease process begin from within or from without?  I think we get sick because:

 ·       We are malnourished or undernourished

·         We are toxic

·         We are inactive

·         We are stressed

All of these lead to a weakened immune system, which brings about disease.

We Are Malnourished or Undernourished

Malnutrition refers to the quality of nutrition, whereas undernutrition refers to the quantity of nutrients an individual obtains from his or her diet.

America may be the most well-fed population group on earth, yet world statistics show that we suffer more degenerative health conditions related to nutrition than any other nation.  As a matter of fact, six of the ten leading causes of death in America are related to diet.  These are heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, cirrhosis of the liver, and circulatory diseases.  Why?

Let’s discuss the factors leading to malnutrition.  We are aware of many of these; however, we still ignore them.


Today, nutrition and family meals are no longer a top priority.  We are either too busy with work and other activities, or we have become too tired or too lazy to prepare healthy meals for the family.  So we choose to eat out or buy packaged meals.  The foods we eat are the fastest, easiest, most convenient foods available, even with the knowledge that these foods are low or poor in nutritional value.  Why?  Because it is easy, convenient, and very tasty!  Or, because it is what everybody eats and we just love to eat that too!

Probably, one of the worst habits we have learned (no thanks to the food marketing industry) is the practice of gluttony, the “all you can eat” mentality to get your money’s worth at every buffet meal special.  Unfortunately, too many believe we live to eat instead of eating to live.  Sadly, the truth is there is an overabundance of nutrient depleted food and nonfoods that no longer meet the true definition of nutrition that is needed by our starving bodies.

Are you one of those who eat to relieve stress and anxiety or uses food as a reward for good behavior?  This is devastating, particularly to our young children when they see us use food to “feed” our emotions rather than respond appropriately.  They see us reward good behavior with “goodies”.  It is no wonder obesity is now affecting one out of four adults as well as children.  Sadly, obesity in children is increasing.  The result is an increase in heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and premature death among the youth.  Must we continue to reward children with sweet treats rather than hugs, kisses, praises, and spending quality time with them?

Tomorrow we will talk a little more about food.

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